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About us

Overseas Student Consultants Pvt Ltd.

Overseas Student Consultant (OSC) Pvt. Ltd is proud to introduce you our company and the services that we have been doing for the overall benefit of the students of Pakistan who really have the zeal and affordability to have modern higher education at any renowned University abroad.

It was not long ago that the students of Pakistan were not quite commonly aware of where to Get higher education of appropriate kind, and modern higher educational subjects are still not Available at the institution of higher education in Pakistan. In such an educationally demanding Situation in Pakistan there was a great need for effective counseling service of a national level to counsel and appropriately advise the Pakistanis students, so that students who can afford to and who are aspiring for higher education abroad, can get appropriate opportunities to study abroad.

Overseas Student Consultant (OSC) Pvt. Ltd., with the major purpose as said above was Established in 2002 Ever since, this organization has been increasingly effortful to operate orientation seminars for making aware the aspiring students to study abroad, conducting interviews, preparing them for language test for TOEFL and IELTS and making them familiar with the international rules and regulations for visa and students employment opportunities as for being international students.

It is exactly for that reason that this Overseas Student Consultant Pvt. Ltd. is sincerely effortful ever than before. The results are highly promising and auspicious, and the commitments are greatly propitious.

The increased numbers of students, leaving Pakistan for the universities abroad, have spoken a lot for the fame, credibility and exemplary supportiveness of these universities. We are pretty sure that they all are contributive to the students in successively achieving their career goals, and not just educational ones in the future. Since our organization, Overseas Student Consultant (OSC) Pvt. Ltd. is a student-oriented organization, is not only Responsible for the matters like study abroad but also committed to appropriately advising And counseling the students who are looking for better higher education and for richer career development.

This agency is officially authorized by the Government of Pakistan to do these services for the benefit of the students who desire for higher education in the United States, UK, Australia, Canada Malaysia and elsewhere.

OSC has one branches networking throughout the country, located at Karachi and London / UK Toronto / Canada . We still are in the process of extending branches as needed. Overseas Student Consultant (OSC) Pvt. Ltd, is pleased to have work relationship With lots of highly accredited institutions of higher education, mostly from the UK, CANADA, Australia, Ireland, Turkey and such others.

Our popularity and trustworthiness among the students within the country and our credibility with the colleges and universities abroad, have both contributed in the success in our efforts. Here are other institutions that are coming forward to joining hands with us to collaborate in the fields of recruitment of Pakistanis students at their institutions.

Activities we, at Overseas Student Consultant (OSC) Pvt. Ltd, have been successfully Conducting the following activities in our premises, besides our main job of counseling Students to study abroad. The major activities being conducted with great client satisfaction are: Student Counseling Conducting orientation and counseling seminars and workshops hosting dignitaries from the universities abroad Orientation about US and other foreign system of higher education and their funding Systems.

Career advisement TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, GRE and GMAT test training.

Preparation of documents for I-20/ Admission and the visa Preparation of total and financial documents Interview Preparation Dealing with concerned colleges Conducting orientation and counseling seminars and workshops Hosting dignitaries from the universities abroad Orientation about US and other foreign system of higher education and their funding systems. Career advisement TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, GRE and GMAT test training.

Our Mission

Helping the youth, the richest resource identified as “Human Resource” of the nation, to attain coveted positions in the society through better employment. We try y to pay allegiance to the society y through this s institution Overseas Student Consultants Pvt. Ltd. Highlighting the ideal, that the success of our students is our success.