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Overseas Student Consultants Pvt Ltd

OSC has one branches networking throughout the country, located at Karachi and London. We still are in the process of extending branches as needed.

Overseas Student Consultants (OSC) Pvt. Ltd, is pleased to have work relationship with lots of highly accredited institutions of higher education, mostly from the UK, CANADA, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and such others.

Our popularity and trustworthiness among the students within the countr y and our credibility with the colleges and universities abroad, have both contributed in the success in our efforts. Here are other institutions that are coming forward to joining hands with us to collaborate in the fields of recruitment of Pakistanis students at their institutions.

Activities we, at Overseas Student Consultants (OSC) Pvt. Ltd, have been successfully conducting the following activities in our premises, besides our main job of counseling students to study abroad. The major activities being conducted with great client satisfaction are: Student Counseling.

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Overseas Student Consultants Pvt Ltd.

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